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Developer Guide

This guide is for developers who want to contribute to the Starsky project. This is where developers can find all the integrations available with Starsky.

Everybody who uses Starsky is encouraged to contribute something back to Starsky at some point. You could: The intended audience of this documentation is anyone going into the development.

  • Add examples to the documentation
  • Find bugs or typos
  • Fix a bug
  • Implement a new function
  • Contribute a useful tutorial of usage
  • Translate an existing document to a new language

Before you do something, please check the Contributing Guide and make sure you communicate with the team via Github issues or Github discussions.

This is not intended to explain the usage of the app in general. Please refer the User’s Guide about the app usage.

By reading this documentation, you will learn more about the development of the app. It will hopefully guide you around some common problems that frequently appear for new (and sometimes even advanced) developers of this app.