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Dropbox Import

Imports from Dropbox to a local Starsky installation

Create a new app on the DBX Platform

See :

  • Scoped access (1 option)
  • Select: Full Dropbox

In the next screen you will see and need this: App key = DROPBOX_CLIENT_ID App secret = DROPBOX_CLIENT_SECRET

Run Dropbox setup to get an refresh token

node  dropbox-setup.js

Copy the url that is shown in the script and login to dropbox

And copy the values at the end of script to the .env file

Edit: .env



npm ci


npm run start

And ready :)

Command line args settings

The following options can be specified

--path or -p > to specify the path in the dropbox
--colorclass > as import option int between 0-8 (no string or name)
--structure > where to store in the database, make sure you use the right pattern
escaping structure: use 3 escape characters e.g. \\\\\\d.ext