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Starsky is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of running the application. It acts as an accelerator to find and organize images driven by meta information. Browse and search images in your own cloud. Starsky is the name of the Starsky DAM (Digital asset management) system that runs as a desktop application and web service. You could add how to add users, set up your archives, upload content, control metadata, share content and more.

Online demo

There is an demo environment, please wait a few seconds before the app is started

See the online demo

There is no need to login to the demo environment, you can browse the content.

Pull latest stable release with docker

Make sure that Docker or Docker Desktop is installed

docker pull qdraw/starsky:latest

And run the image on port 12837

You can change the port number if you like

docker run -e PORT=12837 qdraw/starsky:latest 


  • linux/amd64 or Intel 64 bits
  • linux/arm64 or Raspberry PI 64 bits
  • linux/arm/v7 or Raspberry PI 32 bits *

* All Raspberry Pi's are supported. Except the: 'Raspberry Pi 1 (2014)' and 'Raspberry Pi Zero (W) (2017)' those two are arm/v6 and the app will not run on those machines


All notable changes to this project will be documented in the following file: Changelog on github

Github & source code download

When you want to build and inspect the source code yourself, please check: @qdraw/starsky