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Config Options

Changing values in docker-compose.yml or in Advanced Settings always requires a restart to take effect. Open a terminal, run docker compose stop and then docker compose up -d to restart all services.

Web Application‚Äč

There are a few options that can be changed in the web application.

These options are available though appsettings.json and environment variables.

There are no mandatory options, but its recommended to change the storageFolder to a folder on your local machine where the picture should be located.

Environment variables are always preferred over appsettings.json values. and should prefix with app__ and replace : with __ and . with _. So app__databaseType is the same as "app":{"databaseType":"mysql"} in appsettings.json.

Command line options

There are separate command line applications that target the specific needs. See the Advanced options for more information.

Add the command line argument --help option to see all available options. The options are configured in appsettings.json and environment variables and command line arguments.