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Build Tools Docs

  • Scripts that are helping building the application
  • depends on nodejs or powershell,
  • not needed to run npm install first
  • does not need to install dependencies


Checks the App Version Update. Update the project versions to have the same version. The version is specified in the file

npm run app-version-update

Clientapp create-react-app-update

Regenerate npm package.json file for front-end with the latest version of create react app

npm run clientapp-create-react-app-update


Regenerate npm package.json file for docusaurus

npm run documentation-create-docusaurus-update


Powershell script to check if there are vulnerablies in the .NET solution Requires .NET 5.0.200 or newer installed And as argument the targetFolder


For checking if there are vulnerablies and update in node.js/npm


Creates an list to able to cache the Nuget packages fast

npm run nuget-package-list


Check for duplicate Project GUID's

npm run project-guid


Make sure the version in files are matching the release version in the branch or tag name. When this is not the case auto fix it.

Github Tags:

export GITHUB_REF=refs/tags/v0.3.0

Azure Devops release branches

export BUILD_SOURCEBRANCH=refs/heads/release/0.4.2

Note: The release branches should not start with a v