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Geo Sync Options

Introduction gpx tagging

When your camera has no GPS support build in you can use your mobile phone to keep your track. This application can combine a list of your recent locations and when the photo has taken into a location. When you have a GPX track file and a photo you can know where it is taken. With various sport track apps support exporting gpx files.

Important things to know

  • Your camera date and time has to be correct.
  • Only gpx track files are supported (no 'way points' or routes).
  • All 'track points' should have a latitude, longitude, elevation and time in UTC.
  • You need to add your CameraTimeZone name to the Starsky configuration.
  • Gpx 'track points' more than 5 minutes difference are ignored.
  • 'Track points' less that 5 minutes difference are using the closest point
  • All gpx files in the selected folder are combined and used.

Introduction reverse 'geo tagging'

To add the nearest city, state and country to the already 'geo tagged' file use reverse 'geo tagging'

Important things to know

  • When the reverse 'geo tagged' item is less that 40 kilometers from that place add it to the file
  • Uses data to for all cities with a population > 1000 or seats of adm div (ca 150.000)

Geo Cli Help window

Starksy Geo Cli ~ Help:
--help or -h == help (this window)
--path or -p == parameter: (string) ; fullpath (all locations are supported)
--subpath or -s == parameter: (string) ; relative path in the database
--subpathrelative or -g == Overwrite subpath to use relative days to select a folder, use for example '1' to select yesterday. (structure is required)
-p, -s, -g == you need to select one of those tags
--all or -a == overwrite reverse geotag location tags (default: false / ignore already taged files)
--index or -i == parameter: (bool) ; gpx feature to index geo location, default true
--verbose or -v == verbose, more detailed info
use -v -help to show settings: