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Starsky Test

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starsky/starskyTest docs

To know that the application is working like expected, there are test create. Starksy has unit tests for the C# application. Those unit test does not require any configuration or external dependencies like a webservice. The main application has Exiftool as external dependency that is installed automatically, but you don't need this for the starskyTest.

With Nuke

When running the build script, inside starskytest\

When using powershell running only the 'Starsky Mvc application' and tests

powershell -File build.ps1 -ScriptArgs '-Target="BuildTestNetCore"'

or using bash.

./ -Target="BuildTestNetCore"

NOTE: The unit tests are creating a few files inside the MSTest build directory. Those files will be removed afterwards.

All tests must run successful to build

Location of temporary files

During the unit test there are temporary files created to test the functionality. When you have preserve against this, please don't run any test. Those temporary only exist in the following folders:






To measure how much code is tested by this automatically script we have included this library.